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Post by Blade on Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:22 pm

Wow, all girls so far... I feel alone. Raiden, help me out here >_>

I go by a lot of things, most involving my name in some way, but as of late I sometimes get called Dex. Something witty my friend came up with about "dexterity" and how I use it to... yeah nevermind. Fifth Ammendment. (If you don't know what that says, go look it up. As a citizen you should know...)

I'm 16. I'll be 17 come December.

Since this can apparently no longer be taken for granted... I'm a guy.

Favorite Color:
Black and/or Neonish green. (Based on Blade, gee, THAT's hard to figure out)

Family Life:
Not much to say. My parents are divorced so I go back and forth when school's not in my way. With my mom mostly, but sometimes I resent this. In any case, I have a brother as well, and a half-sister (same dad, different moms). Both are older than me.

Oh geez... and I read through all yours for ideas and stuff, so Kat and anyone else thinking she meant cuddling snakes, I'm pretty sure she meant cuddling my pets, not snakes, because I don't have a snake. Though that would be wicked. You're (Kat) thinking of the guinea pigs... which my mother has an obsession with. It started with me getting one, her claiming it would "help me get over the loss" of my mouse Nike (whom I had raised since her birth... don't buy female mice from a store where they've been kept with males and not expect it to be pregnant) and now we have 9. 3 of which were born here because she bred mine to her female.  2 of the others are rescues. And she plans on getting more!) The total list of pets is as follows:
-9 guinea pigs (named Chester, Pumpkin, Caramel, Panda, Brady, Heather, Nugget, Oreo, and Butterscotch... lotta food names, none my choosing)
-2 mice (Thistle and Coconut... I named Thistle)
-1 cat (Sally)
-1 dog (Buddy)
-1 chinchilla (Goblin)
-2 geese (Goose and Maverick)
-5 horses (Showdown, Spirit, Dakota, Rebel, and Merlin)
If I did my math right, that's 21 pets.


I can draw pretty well I guess. There's always room for improvement, but I'm satisfied with my work. I'm also pretty strong for someone who doesn't work out (though I'm going to change this) also, I don't care what people think of me. I'm not well-liked, but who cares? They can have fun living up to OTHER people's expectations, and I'll live up to my OWN.


I have a hard time taking credit for things. I have a tendency to lie low, but I enjoy it when my work is recognized. I also hate it when people try to take credit for my work, which leads to an unnatural fiery temper. That gets me into a lot of trouble... and fights maybeface 


I'm a full-blown punk, with some country boy mixed in (And yes, this is possible. For a reference, take Ashley Purdy from Black Veil Brides). I don't wear my pants on my knees or whatever, but I wear black a lot. And spikes. Spikes are good. Being about 5'11" makes me tall among other things, and I scare or at least intimidate a lot of the school. One of my many talents.

I like Dubstep, and Screamo/Punk Rock/ Metal. You name it. I'm just a Metalhead. For books, well, I don't read as much as I should, but I liked the Harry Potter series too. Demonata was good as well. For movies, I have a thing for horror. Mostly because I laugh instead of get startled and it's great seeing everyone else watching flip out. I also like scaring people myself, which still counts as my entertainment.

Listening to my music too loud and drawing. I write some stories, but they aren't much good. I'm planning on taking some fist- and/or sword-fighting classes soon, so that will turn into a hobby in the near future (but not near enough).

Friends, etc.:
I have this funny feeling all my friends consider me their leader, but only because I could easily beat them up. That's sort of the reason I intimidate most of the school. I wouldn't call us a gang but... it isn't like we don't have blood on our hands (that's a saying, I don't actually... it would make my keyboard all screwed up and sticky) but let's just say my reputation isn't spotless, but my criminal record is. They haven't caught me yet. As for crushes/ love interests/ whatever you want to call it, nope, I'm good. Single and ready to mingle. I had one when I was younger, but that was before I turned into this and she fell for the biggest di-- jerk in my grade. Thanks there, she-who-shall-not-be-criticized... (just kidding, of course I will)

Swords, Steampunk, and wolves.

And that about wraps it up. Like Silk, I offer you all the right to ask questions but I'm not expecting any. I'll post pictures of the pets later maybe...

~*^<The Strays>^*~

-------The Militia-------
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