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☼ Fiera's Poem Contest Entry ☼

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☼ Fiera's Poem Contest Entry ☼

Post by Fiera on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:36 pm

I would like to join the contest! As you know, I dabble in poetry. :3 Although, my Majestic Hunters poem sounds related to our pack, so that will be my entry. ^^

Majestic Hunters

Midnight, midnight, the moon is alive.
Some elk might not be,
For the pack has arrived.

They surround the elk,
Careful, with no sound,
To pick the best prey -
The weakest, and round.

A strong male creeps forward,
With light pads of his paws,
Selects the right elk,
And licks his jaws.

They chase the herd,
In a graceful formation,
Running like silver streaks,
Prey as their motivation.

With a flash of their teeth,
The work is now done.
They've hunted their game,
Dinner, for everyone.
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Re: ☼ Fiera's Poem Contest Entry ☼

Post by Raven on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:46 pm

Very nice fiera!

(For everyone one comment equals one vote, no double posting, person with the most votes wins. would like everyone to vote at least once.)

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