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☠ Spirita's Death ☠

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☠ Spirita's Death ☠ Empty ☠ Spirita's Death ☠

Post by Fiera on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:10 am

Spirita, the brave and elder Auburn Husky, has now passed into the world above all.

Date Died: Friday, February 22, 2013
Time Died: 4:50 PM EST
Old Bio:
* albino
Name: Spirita
Age: 7 years
Species: Stray Husky
Desired Rank: Guardian/Elder
Currently: Elder

Appearance: Spirita is a Husky, as you know, but she is an auburn color. A mixture of auburn and white to make her beautiful, with a crystal blue eye, and an emerald eye. She has lovely body structure, always sitting up tall, and is very large for her species.
Personality: An adventurous husky, very sneaky at times, don't get her wrong by her kind looks. She uses that to lure you into an attack. Which brings up her power; she has the strength of a full grown wolf, the speed of a cobra strike, plus shes very confident in herself, and doesn't let people bring her down - sometimes from a tree. Spirita is excellent at protecting others, making friends, and also climbing tall objects, such as cliffs, mountains, etc.
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