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Lilith- The Queen of Devils

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  Lilith- The Queen of Devils Empty Lilith- The Queen of Devils

Post by Raven on Mon Feb 25, 2013 4:33 pm

Name: Lilith-as mention in the Book of Isaiah 34 she is referred to as the wife of Satan or the Queen of Devils
Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 2 years of age
Appearance: She is black with several red markings on her body. She has fierce red eyes. Has a chain on her neck and usually a bandage one of her legs from one of her fights.
Personality: She is very aggressive and short tempered. She fights often and seems to enjoy it. Her many scars show it too. She has no hesitation to kill or harm and is very dangerous. She is defiant.
History: She was born into a pack of wolves that were slaughtered before her eyes. She was taken from the bodies of her family, the sole survivor of the massacre. Her oldest memories are filled with death, blood and fear. That started the building of hate in her soul. She was raised in an abusive dog fighting kennel. She fought all the time. She learned to harden against emotions and lost the ability to care for others welfare. She steeled herself against emotion and feeling. That half of her was dead, long ago, when she was young. She was only half alive. Her body was lined with scars from the abuse and fights she was involved in. She moves on instinct and rarely thinks for or about others. She managed to escape the kennels, killing the men who attempted to chase her. Had she been born at a different time or another place she might have turned out different. But the damage had been done to to her. Her heart was black and cold. She loved to kill and she loved to fight. She was a demon of her own making. Taking the name Lilith, the queen of the demons, she plagued the countryside. Attacking other canines for no reason and slaughtering the humans sheep when they were out and their dogs when they were sent to kill her. She was a cold, skilled killer.

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  Lilith- The Queen of Devils Empty Re: Lilith- The Queen of Devils

Post by Raiden on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:33 am

hmm.. I thought Lilith was said to be the very first wife of Adam

[From the story of Adam and Eve] but then Lilith left Adam, making him lonely. So, the lord put him to sleep and took one of Adam's ribs and created Eve. They became husband and wife but then Lilith returned and tried to claim Adam once again but Adam stayed with Eve. Lilith became furious and decides to get associated with the devil in the form of a snake. Lilith asked Eve to come to the tree of Knowledge but Lilith was not there, to Eve's surprise. She did not know that Lilith was only hiding and watching her every move. As Eve looked around the tree, trying to find any traces of someone being there but alas, there was none, The snake appeared and convinced Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Not long, Adam came and Eve then convinced him to eat the fruit. God heard of what they had done and punished them both. Before they left, Lilith met up with Adam and tried to convinced him in leaving with her and leave Eve to suffer but Adam preferred to stay with Eve because he was a part of him, unlike Lilith who had no physical [or internal] connection to Adam. Lilith, heartbroken was then swallowed with evil and hatred, she became a witch.

I don't remember where I herd about this story though Very Happy
but I liked your bio of Lilith Wink

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  Lilith- The Queen of Devils Empty Re: Lilith- The Queen of Devils

Post by Shae on Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:49 am

Lilith was Adams first wife, but I've never heard that version of the story. The one I know is that she wouldn't let Adam dominate her so he complained to God. Lilith was made into the first demon (succubus to be exact) and God created Eve from Adam's rib so that she would be submissive to him.
Your version is interesting too, though, and I could be wrong. All I know for certain is that Lilith was originally a goddess from a pagan religion (I can't recall which one. Babylonian I think.) until the Catholics came along and changed her into someone bad like they did most pagan deities.

Either way, this Lilith does sound cool c:

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  Lilith- The Queen of Devils Empty Re: Lilith- The Queen of Devils

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