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Lord Cerberus

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Lord Cerberus  Empty Lord Cerberus

Post by Raiden on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:44 am


Lord Cerberus  Cerber11
Pelt color:
Cerberus has white with black patches of fur from his face to the tip of his tail. Has a fairly long and coarse hair length.
Eye Color:
He has a pair of differently colored eyes. The left [first person view] has a Green color the same as Raiden's. The right is a Golden yellow color.
Special Marks/Scars:
Has a crescent mark at his chest. Has a scar at his left eye down to his cheek.
Dire Wolf
will be decided further on
[but I'd like to think he's the alpha or second in command ]

He was once someone who had a big and warm heart for others but developed an inferiority complex to his own brother. He now has a twisted and cold personality. He fights almost anyone, regardless of whatever reason. He does not respect anyone other than himself. Others hate him but can't disobey his whims because of his terrifyingly large built and fangs.
[I'm making this first person's POV just to try something diff.]

We were brothers. Born from the same laboratory. We played and trained together but as we got older, they gave HIM more attention. They pampered him, adored him, while I was left aside and lonely and for what?! Just because he had an extraordinary trait. I don't know what it was though. They kept it a secret but they were thrilled by it. I didn't hate my brother then, he would still come after me and talk. He still cared but after that he started to avoid me. Was it the humans fault? they locked him in a caged. I heard him scream my name one night. It sounded painful.I was beginning to worry but they didn't allow me near him anymore. They say he was SPECIAL. I got angry and just fell asleep. In the middle of that same night. The alarms began to wail. I woke up, alarmed only to see my brother covered in wounds. "Let's get out of here!?!" My brother yelled. I didn't think and just went with him. We ran away as far as our legs could get us. We both collapsed beside a river, both of us exhausted. How did he escape that large caged he was in? It had thick bars. So, how did he? I remained awake as my brother fell unconscious. I was starting to feel hazy when a female came to our rescue. I didn't think that I was going to meet her. She was beautiful, no. She was gorgeous. I couldn't utter a single word while I gazed upon her beauty. I was left breathless. She took care of me and my brother until we both recovered. I pursued her, courted her. I was just happy being with her and for once I didn't resent my brother because if we didn't escape I wouldn't have met her, but then my happiness crumbled when she said she wanted to talk to me. She said she was in love with my brother. I cried, I got mad but I accepted what she told me I wanted her to be happy. I thought that if she was happy I would be okay with it but then, they announced that they're forming a pack and that she was pregnant. Hatred began to swell up deep inside me. I hated my brother. SHE had a brother. I became bestfriends with him but he wanted power. I teamed up with him and devised a plan. It took only a few months. When she finally had given birth, the plan began to arise. Me and her brother gathered up members of the pack who was jealous of my brother and convinced them to fight with us. I took down my own brother. As I pinned him down he yelled for her name but then his face showed shock. "NO!!" he yelled, his face horrified while he tried to escape from my grip but I had a tight grip on him. I turned around. To my horror I saw my bestfriend. He was pinning her down, the love of my life and she was covered in wounds. I stood there like a statue I didn't dare move as she turned her head towards me. She mouthed a few words 'How could you?' as tears started to fall down from her eyes. *RIP**TEAR* Red... Red!...RED?!?! Her blood stained my white fur. My mind went blank and when I opened my eyes, what lies beneath my paws was her brothers corpse. My brother already ran and I didn't see him anywhere anymore. This was his fault!! This wouldn't have happened if he hadn't taken her from me!?! Now she's gone! Someday.. I'll get back for what you've done. I'll get my revenge... Raiden.

Theme song: Numb - Linkin park (I will make a video soon)
Cerberus is Raiden's brother. He fell in love with Sarah first but she ended up as Raiden's mate. Sarah had a brother named Claw and was the one that devised the plan and killed her. Sarah's daughter was named Sarasa and she closely resembled Raiden.

Lord Cerberus  Sarah10

Lord Cerberus  Sarasa10

Lord Cerberus  Claw10

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Lord Cerberus  Empty Re: Lord Cerberus

Post by Raiden on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:03 am

Finally edited ! Very Happy

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