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Anna,  the fast Empty Anna, the fast

Post by Sharon on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:08 pm

Appearance: Silver White-shiny blue eyes-swift/long tail/body
Name: Anna
Species: artic wolf
Gender: female
Age: 2
2 Bad Traits: 1. She can be very stubborn, when she doesn't know what others do.
2. She can get mad quickly, and does things she does not mean to do, and sad when other wolves talk about her(bad&memories) she can also breakdown easily, actually.
2 Good Trait: 1. She is very swift and fast, good at hunting
2. Very playful, lovely
Personality: She is a stubborn little energetic wolf, who likes to know every little thing about everyone. She is mostly friendly, and is very loyal.
History: Anna lived by herself, after her pack left her in the wild. She mostly lived by herself, using whatever she learned in the old pack, and survived. She was and was going to catch a small elk herself, but desperately ran into the pack, looking for help, after she got chased by a whole pack of wolves.
Others:Anna has to know every secret, and is stubborn once she gets to something, but she is very friendly, and tries to help others.
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