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Post by Demon on Sun Mar 10, 2013 1:01 pm

Would you like to join the societies? We always welcome new people and enjoy having newcomers. If you are interested please continue on reading.
* flower
First before you do anything else please make sure you have read and understood the rules of both groups. If you have any questions about the rules please contact an administrator.

If all the rules make sense and you can understand them, then you can feel free to register to the site. Please register with your name as the character you will role play the most as. Preferably the character from the Society of Strays.

Then please post your bio(s) in profile paradise in rules and general. Then feel free to roam the site. Thank you for your time and I hope you can join us in the future.

Total votes : 24
~The S.O.S! The Society of Strays! Updated & Accepting!~
by Slyavatica » 06 Jan 2013 13:58

~ S.O.S.- The Society of Strays ~
A wolf Roleplay that allow misfits of all kinds to get to know each other, and have fun.

Fire. Smoke. Burning ash. When the human camp burned to the ground, it was a shock to all of us. We had no clue what we would do. What would become of us? Where would we go? What would happen to us? Would we all die? Or would we survive? When the camp burned and died all the men, women and children went with it. Only we survived...we were Strays...

Welcome to the Society of Strays, my name is Raven. I am one of the three in the Council of the Strays. The Society of Strays is a relativly new pack based off an old idea. The Society is a home to all strays. The Society of Strays is also known as SOS. All are welcome to the Society. You may customize your Roleplay wolf with unrealistic eye and coat colors. We are ready and willing to accept new members. After reading this please take the liberty to look around. I hope you enjoy your stay. We now have an Axis Pack. It is the complete opposite of the Society in format but follows all the same rules and guidelines. Both packs are considered to be in the Society of Strays.


~Age: December 3rd 2012
~Active/Inactive Members: 20
~Active Members: 14
~Inactive Members: 6
~Males: 10
~Females: 10
~Allies: 3
~Pack Friends: 4
~Kendrick ♂
~Cadence ♂
~Juniper ♀
~Maddox ♂
~BlackScorpion ♂


~Pack Colors: All shades of Green and White
~Pack Motto: Be a Stray long enough, and you will find a Society.
~Pack Poem: By Maddox:

Why would you strive to fit in,
When you were born to stand out?
Embrace your wolf hidden within,
And swallow your poisonous doubts...

Our bonds are strong and growing still,
As is our knowledge and varied skills,
As one we hunt we fight we thrive,
And all for one we will survive!

~The Society of Strays~

~Pack Signature:

Code: Select all
~Rank of The Society of Strays~
We Are Misfits
Though Most Call Us Strays
We Shall Be Part of Society
For The Rest Of Our Days....
~We Are The Society Of Strays~

Pack Theme/Song:
~New Updates!
We now have a pup adoption thread, for new members!
The Axis Pack has been created!
Two Contests Starting!!
Dakarai has joined the Society!
Raine has joined the Society!

~Goals for The Society~
~ Two new members

~Completed in time limit
/ Completed but not in the time limit
o Not yet completed in time limit
~How this Society Works:

The Society of Strays is based off respect to superiors and loyalty to others. Respect is enforced to all members, regardless of rank or current roleplay status. We wish to have a large Society someday and be a thriving and active community, taking in strays from all walks of life.
~The Society Rules and Guidelines~

~ Rules of Society~

~ All members must have a basic grasp of RP, grammar and spelling. No one liners.
~Please keep in mind it is a PG-14 site
~No God-modding whatsoever
~ You must be active or semi-active at the least
~ You must be able to join the website.
~ Unrealistic coat colors and accesseories are permited, (e.g. Chains, Collars, etc)
~ No getting into arguments or being mean to others members, unless it is obviously joking and they don’t mind.
~ Suggestions are WELCOME! Please suggest anything that could be added to this pack, and it will be taken into account.
~ Please give feedback, even if you are not joining. It would be appreciated to know anything that you especially liked or think could be improved.

~ The Society's Guidelines~

~You must be respectful to other players on the site.
~If you see any post disrespectful to one or more people please report it to a moderator, do not handle it yourself or you may be reported for back-seat moderating.
~ If you wish to become a Moderator on the site, you can fill out this simple form: (Note: not all people who apply will be accepted, if you are not excepted on your first try wait a while and try again. If you are picked you will be notified.)
~Moderator Application Form~

Code: Select all
How long have you been in the pack?

~ If you don’t post for a week, without notifying any of the Lords or Council of your absence, you will be marked as inactive (●) and receive a warning. Once you have received this mark, for every seven days more you are inactive, you will receive another warning. If you receive two warnings, you will be suspended and/or demoted. If you receive 3, you will quite possibly be banned.
~If you do tell a Lord or Council member that you will be inactive for any amount of time, you will be relieved of the above punishments, warnings and you will not lose your rank.
~ Warnings will be giving for breaking rules, constantly doing what moderators or many members have requested you to not do, lack of activity/inactive, being mean to others, etc.
~Take note all people, regardless or rank or status can be warned, demoted, or banned.
~ RP here is semi-literate to literate (Correct usages of grammar and spelling, though difficult words and typos are acceptable. No one-liners, please.)
~A promotion of rank is determined by roleplay, posting activity and overall general behavior
~Also please keep in mind that the more literate and descriptive you are when you sign up the more likely it is for you to be accepted and get the rank you wanted, or close to it.
~Also if you are very good (meaning descriptive, literate and good spelling/grammer) in RP the more likely you are for promotion
~You may have up to three different roleplay characters under one profile, though you can only pick one of their names as you profile name. If you are roleplaying with one of the other two canines you should put their name at the top and type in a different color than you normally do.

~The Ranks of Society

♀ ~ Female
♂ ~ Male
○ ~ Active
● ~ Inactive
EFA ~ Excused for Absence
PMotW ~ Member of the Week
(To give people more of an oppertunity to be 'The Member' I have switched it to week to give more people the chance to be them.)

~The Leaders of Society~
The Council Of The Strays
The Council is the highest most honored rank in the pack. The council makes most of the descions regarding the society. They consult each other when making choices involving the pack, including but not limited; picking moderators, promotions, demotions, etc. (So if it takes a while for you to be notified of something thats why.) This is a closed group.
~Kage/RabidKingston ○ ♂
~Raven/Slyavatica ○ ♀
~Raiden/Crimsom Sky ○ ♂
The Stray Lords
The Lords though not as high as the Council are very important to the pack. Each Lord is assigned to one of the three Council members. They are second highest in their domain. Should their assigned council member be unable to attend a meeting, they shall step in as a replacement. The Lords are picked by the Council.
~ This Rank shall be earned
~ This Rank shall be earned
~ This Rank shall be earned
The Elder Strays
The Elder Strays are not generally the oldest Strays in the Society, but they are some of the wisest. They advise and help the Council and Lords in difficult times. The rank of an Elder must be earned.
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
The Six Guardians
The Six Guardians are the sole protectors of the Council and the Lords. Each member of the Council and each of the Lords are given one of the Six Sacred Guardians. They are rarely seen without their charge. They are large, strong Wolves with as much intelligence as strength. They can be of any former rank as long as the Lord or Council approves of them and pick them as their Guardian.
~ Rank Shall Be Picked (Guardian of Kage/RabidKingston)
~ Rank Shall Be Picked (Guardian of ?/?)
~ Rank Shall Be Picked (Guardian of Raven/Slyavatica)
~ Rank Shall Be Picked (Guardian of ?/?)
~ Rank Shall Be Picked (Guardian of Raiden/Crimsom Sky)
~ (Guardian of ?/?)
~ Subordinates~

The Messangers
The Messangers are important members in the Society. They keep the Council informed about the Society and how well it is currently operating. The Messangers are typically long lean canines suited and adapted to running long distances. They are picked based on ability and typical activity level by the Council. The Messangers are not assigned to any one domain. Sometimes they are sent into foreign lands as spies and observers of other packs.They keep the Lords and Council informed of what is currently goins on in the Society.
~ Wolf Quest [][]/Alaska ○ ♀
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
~ Rank Shall Be Earned
The Stray Hunters
The Hunters make up the bulk of the pack. Sometimes they are also extra Warriors for the pack when the time comes. They are Wolves of all sizes. Often times they are large to take down moose, elk and other big game. Smaller and nimbler Wolves, however, are just as equally adapt at catching the plentiful marmot, mice, ground birds and other small creatures that need more speed than bulk to catch.
Lead Hunter
~ This Rank Shall be Nominated by The Fellow Hunters
The Large Hunters
~ Rin ○ ♂ EFA
~Chenel/xXPandaBooXx ● ♀ EFA
~ Lucas ○ ♂
~ Dash/-wolfbeat- ○ ♂
The Small Hunters
~Serenity/wolfiecookie ○ ♀ EFA
~Tarnish (Tear)/ GoldenPaw101 ○ ♀ EFA
~Paws/AcadiaNP ○ ♂ EFA
~Warrior Strays
The Warrior Strays are a powerful assortment of Wolves, bred and taught to be excellent soldiers. Ranging from large brutes of immense strength and size to small and stealthy assassins these Wolves are among the most advanced fighting machines this pack can create.
Lead Warrior
~Rank Shall Be Nominated by The Fellow Warriors
The Bulk
~ Chaos232/Chaos ○ ♂ EFA
The Assassins
~AirBones/Sare ○ ♀ EFA
~Fiera/ Blue Scarred ○ ♀
The Wandering Strays
Of all Strays these like to travel the most. These Strays are often the future Messangers for the Society. They are typically younger canines that accompany the older Messangers around and are often sent with them to distant lands. These Wolves however are not yet under instruction of the Council or Lords of where to go and often are the first ones to find new possible strays to join the Society. There is no leader for this group.

The Current Wanderers For The Society
~ Silk/ Silk Splash ♀ ● EFA
~ Dakarai ○ ♂
The Fishers
Sometimes Called the Elite Hunters, the Fishers are very skilled Stray Hunters that are very good at catching fish, such as salmon and trout. They are typically more like the Small Hunters in general appearence, the only difference being their longer, thinner retractable claws.

Lead Stray of the Fishers
~Rank Shall Be Nominated By The Fellow Fishers

~ -Drift- ○ ♀
Stray Medics
These Wolves are the healers of the pack. They most often aid the Warriors and Hunters and sometimes carrying females.

Head of The Medics
~Nominated By the Fellow Medic

~Sharon/nagajinri ○ ♀
Teachers of the Stray
These canines teach the traditions of the Society of Strays. They are very important to the future generations of the pack. They help establish good hunting, traveling, combative or fishing traits in the young pups until they figure out what occupation they wish to do.

Watcher Strays
These Wolves help with the pups. Most often they are older females, carrying females and non-ranked wolves. They generally do anything that is needed, assisting Hunters, Fishers, Warriors, Teachers and Medic Strays.

~Raine ○ ♀
~Young of The Stray~

The Stray Apprentinces
These are the older pups being teached by the Teachers to develop their trade and future Rank.
~Blade/ Wolven Warrior ○ ♂
Pups Of The Strays
The Pups are the youngest of the Strays. They are rarely without the company of an Apprentice Stray, an Watcher Stray, or another Adult Stray.
~Alliences and Rivalries to Society~
4 Allies
No Current Rivals

If you wish to join the Pack as a full member, please use this form:

Code: Select all

Your name for Rp:
Rank Desired:
Your Characters' Personality:
Your Characters' Appearance:
How active are you:

If you are intrested in the SOS, but don't want to be a full member
Here's the Pack Friend Application

Code: Select All
Reason Why you would like to be a pack friend:

If you wish to become an Ally or Rival of this Pack, please use the following form:
Code: Select all
Name of Pack:
Pack Site:


The African Stars Pack
Alphess: Kali/Alpha Female

The Katmai Natives Pack
Alpha and Alphess: Macy/rootleg & Siren/snowfurwolf

The Soul Watchers Pack
Alphas: Winter, Blue and Silver

The Epic Actons Pack
Alpha: GR4Y WO7F
Not yet established....


No Current Rivaleries to Society

Thank you for taking notice of this pack. It is recommended that you look at the site before you fill out the "Full Member" application.

Here's the form that you use to become full member after you register. You may post it on this thread or pm/private message an administrator.

Society or Militia
Name for Rp:
WolfQuestUsername if you have one:
Gender for role play:
Kind of canine:
Brief personality info:
Rank desired:
Second rank desired:
Others/Accesories, etc:

I hope you enjoy this pack. Quick heads up. You don't need to join the Militia to join the Society but you MUST have at least one character in the Society to be in the Militia. You have to fill out one form for each character. Or make a bio for them. Thank you for your time.

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